David and Melda Bartholdi

About us

David & Melda were born and raised in East Texas and have lived in Texas most of their life.  David & Melda have worked in various capacities and jobs, even owning companies in the healthcare industry, but nothing as fulfilling as working to promote the Kingdom
of God on earth.

God called David and Melda Bartholdi into the ministry to share the Gospel of Christ to the world on December 14, 2011 as David was reading Isaiah Ch. 6.  The call to preach and teach the Word of God has grown stronger through the years. David & Melda attended Charis Bible College in 2015-2017 to gain deeper revelation knowledge of God’s word like never before and are excited to share this Good News with the world.

 “Melda and I are privileged and honored that God has chosen us to make disciples and promote the Kingdom of God to all nations by teaching and preaching the truth of God’s Word”.  Mark 16:15-20