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     Why do some Christians seem to be more blessed than others? Some seem to live a much more abundant and healthier life than I do. This is one of the questions I asked God for years until I gained more knowledge and understanding of Scripture. Walking in the Spirit to Abundant Life is the truth that set me free from religious bondage and the bondage of sinful living. Christians have a choice. We can either walk in the Spirit that is provided through the power of the Holy Spirit, or we can walk in the flesh and be controlled by our five senses.

     Knowing your identity in Christ and your authority in Christ will always cause us to walk in the Spirit. Knowing that I am no longer a sinner, but a son of God changes the way I think, and this knowledge changes the way I live. Sinners will always live in sin. Jesus came to save sinners and make them sons of God. A son of God is righteous because God, our Father, Jesus our Lord, and Holy Spirit lives in sons of God. When a person understands this truth, they will live righteously and holy.